Seeking users interested in testing Firefox Nightly on Windows 8


Hello Mozillians,

Are you a Windows 8 user that’s interested in getting your hands on the bleeding edge of browser technology? If so, we welcome you to participate in our testing program for a new version of Firefox on Windows 8 mode. We’re looking for dedicated and enthusiastic Mozillians like yourself to help us test and identify bugs. If you already participated in our recent test day for Firefox Nightly on Windows 8, we encourage you to continue using the newest version. Firefox Nightly is an experimental touch-friendly version that works in Windows 8 mode (of course, you can always enjoy the stable, desktop version of Firefox in the traditional, desktop mode and don’t need a touch device to try it out). You may bump into issues as we continue to improve this early version. With your help, we’ll be able to quickly fix the glitches and bring Firefox to yet another platform for you to enjoy.

To get started follow these steps:

1. Download the Nightly version for Windows 8 – this guide will help you through installation. IMPORTANT: Make sure that Nightly is set as your default browser or else it won’t launch in Metro.

2. Use your new browser regularly! Read the news, send emails, buy stuff online, search for “Grump Cat” — do anything, really.

3. Whenever you encounter a bug, file it on bugzilla. If filing bugs is not your idea of a good time, that’s okay! Your everyday use will help make this version of Firefox better. If you have any specific questions about testing on Metro please email or ask us on our IRC channel (#windev). You can also check out the Firefox builds forum or The Burning Edge list for up to the minute updates to Nightly.

Happy testing!