Changing Prefs in b2g; Better logcat info in bug reports for devs


What I learned is that there might be 2 different pref locations, the mozilla/*.default folder will contain the global b2g pref if I recall correctly.

Here's some specific steps to pull the prefs.js file:
Step 1:
PREFS_JS=$(adb shell echo -n "/data/b2g/mozilla/*.default")/prefs.js
adb pull $PREFS_JS
vi prefs.js

Step 2: add line where there is the other user_pref lines: 
user_pref("browser.dom.window.dump.enabled", true);

Step 3:
adb shell stop b2g
adb push prefs.js $PREFS_JS
adb shell start b2g

The browser.dom.window.dump.enabled will have extra output that sometimes is needed to for more details in terms of what's causing an issue.
See : 

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