Thank You from Mozilla QA

Anthony Hughes

Today comes a moment of great joy and reflection. The end of 2012 is fast approaching. It is at this time that we, Mozilla QA, would like to recognize and thank the community for their contribution throughout the year. It’s important to recognize that without volunteers we would have not been able to deliver:

  • 15 Firefox Desktop releases, reversing the trend of market share decline
  • 12 Firefox for Android releases, including ARMv6 support and  a 4 Star rating in Google Play
  • Do Not Track, Click-to-Play plugins, Social API, and Silent Updates
  • Improvements to add-on compatibility, stability, and performance

Really there’s too much to mention, but for all the awesomeness you help us make possible, Johnathan Nightingale has a great blog post.

None of this would have been possible without the support and hard work of our community, but there were a few volunteers who worked extra hard this year. We’d like to thank everyone who helped but give special appreciation to the following people:

  • Adi Jalgaonkar for working tirelessly engaging in dialog with Syracuse University professors about Mozilla
  • Aleksej for stepping up to help moderate and guide new testers during many testdays
  • Gabriela Montagu for attending more testdays than anyone else (~20 testdays) and helping debug some Social API performance issues
  • Kamil Jozwiak for helping with some very critical security testing
  • Leah Klearman for taking initiative to develop some important features which were missing from MozTrap, writing Selenium tests, and jumping in to write some RestAPI code when she was blocked
  • Matthias Versen for triaging well over 2000 bugs leading to 130 bugs being fixed
  • Parul Mathur for spending countless hours, some at the Mountain View headquarters, dogfooding B2G phones and for her leadership with the QA Taskboard project
  • Swarnava Sengupta for reporting the most bugs resulting in fixes during testdays (21 bugs fixed)
  • Scoobidiver for his efforts in analyzing, tracking and reporting crash bugs for Desktop and Mobile Firefox

Thank you everyone for your hard work and passion towards Mozilla. We look forward to working with you all in 2013 as we build on our successes of 2012.