MozTrap 1.3 has arrived


I have been busily (spell-check says that IS a real word) working on new features and fixes for MozTrap for a couple months now and we’ve pushed out several improvements that should make your MozTrapping easier (spell-check says that IS NOT a real word, but I still believe in it).

I have added a Release Notes section to the docs.  As always, you are free to check out our Pivotal Tracker site to see where we are and what we’re working on now and next.  But the release notes is hopefully a little more concise.

Excerpt from the Release Notes for some project highlights.  Since I haven’t written a blog post since 1.1, I’ll share all the feature lists going back to 1.2:

Version 1.3

  • Sharable list links – When you have filtered a list somewhere in the system, you can click the link icon next to the filter field to bring up the url that you can share to show that list. This link honors pagination and all filters. And it can be used in the management area as well as results and in test runs. This can be especially nice if you want to tell a tester to run a specific set of test cases in a run.
  • Test Run description while running tests – We added the test run description field to the top of the page while running tests. This field supports markdown, so you can put links and other instructions to your testers in there. This can be especially helpful to add links to creating a new bug in your bugsystem of choice. (You ARE using Bugzilla, aren’t you?) See Run Edit Fields for more info.
  • Filtering performance – In some screens, the auto-complete filters were being displayed for every keystroke. Now they always wait till you’re done typing before showing auto-complete options.

Version 1.2.7

  • Run activation scalability – Using some new features in Django 1.4 and a couple raw queries, we expanded support for test runs from ~700 cases to several thousand.
  • Update active test runs – The new refresh button in the management area will update an active run to newly added or removed test cases. See Refreshing a Run for more information.
  • Case import management command – The feature for importing cases would prevent you from importing duplicates, even if you wanted to. So added a param for that. It also accepts a directory of several files instead of just a single file.

Version 1.2.5

  • Django 1.4.2 upgrade
  • More non-ascii character fixes – Primarily in some views and messages.
  • Split-the-work: When you and others are executing the same test run, for the same environment, you’ll see an icon on test cases where another tester has already submitted results. You can still submit your own result if you choose, but this way you don’t duplicate effort, if you don’t want to.

Version 1.2

  • Test case ordering – As you drag and drop cases in the edit Suite screen, that order will be honored when users run your tests. Same goes for suites of test runs. So, the order will be first by suite, then by case within the suite. There is also a new field in the runtests area where, if you sorted by case name, you can re-sort by order, if you like.
  • Performance fix for editing large suites – Scalability fix as thousands of cases had been entered into the system.
  • Run Series: See Test Run Series for more info on this new feature.
  • Better i18n support – Added more support for non-ascii characters.

I hope you like the new features.  Please reply here or visit us on #moztrap with any questions or feedback.

Happy MozTrapping!