And the other thing….


You can’t stop when you just encounter one thing…

You have to be curious.  “Oh I ran into an issue…”

1) How did you get to that issue

2) What else occurred?

3) What other things happen?

4) How can you resolve it? Is there any other work arounds?

5) What happens if you do x instead of y?


And on and on.  You should have a natural curiosity on what goes on around the bug as well as the bug itself and how to reproduce the issue. 

Because chances are the developers are going to ask you the same questions anyhow and it would avoid a lot of back and forth if you spend the little bit of extra time now while it’s fresh in your mind than to not poke around further on it and be asked later when it’s not so fresh in your mind.

The next thing is:

Drop all the defensiveness around the issues that you file or is against your product.  I have a hard time with this as well, as I like to take pride in my work.  It’s one of the things that will make you better though.  Try to see things as they are, and realize that your coworkers are trying to improve the product just as much as you.  Perhaps some might be more subjective than others,… we’re still all on the same team and end goal.  To make the product as good as it can be in the limited time that we are all on the project.  Not only that, it’s seeing things for what they are rather than being attacks on your person.  Being objective is hard, granted; it will help you be more in tune with the product in how the product is currently behaving.

“Some see the cup as half empty or half full… I see a halfway filled glass and I’m going to drink it until it’s empty” -me.

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