Part I: A how to for performance testing on Firefox OS.

David Clarke

Performance testing ( for B2G is being done by many dogfooders / early users as we speak.  The beginnings of this effort are to begin a framework for gathering this data, as well as empower both power users and employees to really start to make sense of all this complex data !. 

Toolset: Mind, stop watch, performance profiler, about:memory tools 

Background: (an oldie but a goodie)

First Steps in performance measurements, were hashed out over the B2G work week most recently in San Francisco. The most immediate things we want to gather data on are the following.

  • B2g Startup Time:

Measure / Record the startup time for the overall system. We want to know how long it takes to get to the unlock screen. 

  1. Use case: As a user I do not want to wait for a long period of time before my phone will start. 

     – The phone is off
     – Start phone
    — wait for unlock screen, with animation.

  •  B2G Startup Time for each App:
  1.  Use case: As a user I want to be able to open apps one after another and have the operating system be able to quickly load each app, and switch to the homescreen.

Part II of this blog post will go over How To’s of memory gathering / dissecting. 


Tune into Part II: About Memory Gathering / Dissecting