QA Workshop in Turin a resounding success


On October 2o and 21, we hosted the first ever QA Workshop in Turin, Italy. We were fortunate enough to be hosted by the Collegio Einaudi, who provided some great space for the event. Marcia Knous came up with the idea for the event last year, and wanted to leverage the fact that the students are already in one location. We also leveraged local Mozillians to help give the presentations, and were able to pull off a relatively low cost event that was focused on delivering interesting content to students, with the intent of spurring their interest in the Mozilla project.

We started by sending out a survey to the students (students came from two different universities in Turin) asking which topics they were interested in. From there, Marcia worked on getting presenters for those areas.  We felt it was important to deliver content that the students were interested in rather than just selecting the topic areas ourselves.

QA Workshop in Turin, Italy – October 2012





The format for the event was to have presentations, but also to provide ample time to work hands on with the students.  The following individuals gave presentations during the course of the one and half day event, and I thank them for their efforts in putting together their talks:

  • Marco Bonardo/Paulo Amadini – Firefox Development
  • Robert Kaiser – Crash Investigation
  • Marco Castelluccio – HTML5 Web App Testing
  • Martijn Wargers – Firefox for Android Testing
  • Marcia Knous – Firefox Desktop Testing

We did ask the students to fill out a survey following the event, so we shall see what they liked about this format.We shall use this feedback to inform future events of this type – I really think this is the type of event that could be of great benefit to the Mozilla project.

I did get inquiries from several students regarding possible Mozilla internships, so I know that the students that attended are very interested in Mozilla.

I also wanted to take a moment that thank Iacopo Benesperi of Mozilla Italia for all of this help with the planning and execution of the event. Without his help, this event would never have happened.