We have to start somewhere!


So let it be here. But start what you ask? Well it’s time to start bringing together individuals interested in getting involved with and making an impact on the quality of Firefox Sync.

Hi, I’m Tracy Walker, a Quality Assurance Engineer for Mozilla. Since the turn of the century, (wow that’s sounds strange) I’ve been testing Mozilla based products and features. From Netscape to Firefox, from Thunderbird to Mozilla Partner builds, from Labs projects to Firefox on Android, from Places to Panorama, I’ve been a QA engineer for them all.

For the past few years my main focus has been on Firefox Sync. Sync has matured from a labs project to a published add-on to a built in feature of desktop Firefox and more recently it has been added to Firefox for Android. Development continues on Firefox Sync. New features or improvements are added every release. The user base continues to grow. Particularly as we added mobile Firefox to the Sync family.

Because of this growth, it is more important than ever that Firefox Sync quality remains absolutely top notch. We have to protect our Sync user’s data and privacy and make their Sync experience the best it can possibly be. This can best be done by a team of individuals dedicating even just an hour or two a week to ensure Firefox Sync is of the best quality it can be. This is where we are looking for your help.

That is why I am putting together this blog; to form a team of volunteers that will take Firefox Sync QA to its next logical place… to the people of the Mozilla community. I will be posting here to bring you Firefox Sync QA news, plans and guides on how to get involved with activities and testing.

For now, please take a look at the Sync QA Community Action Plan. This is closely based on how Mozilla defines our Community. It is currently just a rough outline of how to get involved. Over the coming days, I will be documenting more details about the plan to grow a Firefox Sync QA community as well as writing guides for each activity to get involved.

I’m here to teach and guide you on everything there is Firefox Sync QA. I am available weekdays via irc (:tracy) in the #qa or #sync channels on irc.mozilla.org. You can also email me at twalker AT mozilla DOT com.

Welcome to the start of the Firefox Sync Quality Assurance Community!