FlynnID 0.3

Dave Hunt

I’ve just released an update to FlynnID. The primary change is that I’ve reintroduced the command line arguments, meaning a single node can be registered without the need for a configuration file. I’ve also hopefully learned my lesson, and in the words of a friend ‘Deprecate, not annihilate!’

Along with this change, 0.3 also introduces a handy feature if you’re running FlynnID on a schedule. If the node you’re registering is already registered then it won’t attempt to register it again. You can override this behavior using the --force command line option.

Lastly, the output is now much more colourful…

$flynnid config.json
Registering to localhost:4444 [<span style="color: green;">SUCCESS</span>]
Registering to localhost:4444 [<span style="color: orange;">SKIPPED</span>]
Registering to localhost:4444 [<span style="color: red;">FAILED</span>]

You can install/upgrade using pip install -U flynnid.