Seeking Feedback from Desktop QA Community

Anthony Hughes

I’m writing today to solicit feedback from everyone. As some of you will be aware, the Desktop QA team holds a meeting every week at 9am Pacific on Tuesdays and 2pm on Fridays to go through UNCONFIRMED Firefox Desktop bugs. I recently cancelled the Friday meetings because they were conflicting with testdays. I also had to reschedule the meeting this past Tuesday because it conflicted with the Firefox release.

I get the sense that this meeting is scheduled at a time that may not be fully inclusive. The Friday afternoon time is really only accessible for people on the North America west coast. The Tuesday morning time is really only accessible to people living on either side of the Atlantic (ie. eastern North America and western Europe).

I would like to reschedule the weekly meeting to make it more accessible to everyone who wants to participate. Now I realize that it will be nearly impossible to accommodate everyone’s schedule. However, I’d like to at least be able to say that I tried. If we end up sticking to the same time, then so be it.

Please take some time over the next couple of weeks to fill out this quick survey.

Thank you