Quarterly Testday Report

Anthony Hughes

Greetings Community!

I’m writing today to report and reflect on Testdays throughout the last three months.

Testers Min Max Average
Q1’2012 3 16 12
Q2’2012 8 21 14
Growth 17%
Bugs Min Max Average
Q1’2012 0 18 5
Q2’2012 2 103 30
Growth 500%

I’m extremely happy about the progress we’ve made, especially considering that we ran 2 less events in Q2 but achieved a 17% growth in participation.

Going into Q3, taking into account that we typically see a downturn in participation over the summer months, I’d like to see if we can continue this growth and realize a 10% increase in community participation.

There is a lot of interesting projects happening throughout Mozilla as we ramp up toward k9o Basecamp and I think that presents an excellent opportunity for community growth and involvement.

Thank you everyone who volunteered their time and helped make this  quarter a success. I look forward to what the next three months holds and am excited to see our community continue to grow. We’ll be posting more details about projects and events to QMO in the coming days, weeks, and months.