Help reproducing Flash 11.3.300.265 crashes (Windows 7/Vista only)


Greetings testers – Adobe needs our help in diagnosing and creating reproducible test cases for some of our top crash issues related to the new protected-mode feature in Flash 11.3. Please read the following set of instructions carefully before proceeding:

In order to do useful testing, you need the following setup:

  • A Firefox 16 (Nightly) build.
  • Windows 7 or Vista running on a hardware machine (not in a virtual machine VM). Currently we are not focused on testing windows XP which has protected mode disabled.
  • The newest Flash version, currently 11.3.300.265. Please don’t bother testing with older versions unless a bug request asks for specific verification.

If you experience a plugin crash (frowny face) while doing testing, please:

  • Submit the crash report
  • Go to about:crashes and visit the crash report page on
  • Be patient – it may take a few minutes for the crash report page to become visible; please try reloading

We are especially looking for crashes with the following crash signatures:

* F_835252764_________________________________________________________
* mozilla::plugins::PluginInstanceChild::EnsureCurrentBuffer
*  F_1513036030________________________________________
* mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak_P | mozilla::plugins::PluginInstanceChild::ShowPluginFrame()
* F1942785704_____________________
* F909392315_____________________________________

If you experience a crash, please try to repeat the crash using the same general steps. If you can repeat the crash, please *file a new bug* in the Core:Plug-ins Bugzilla component and cc We are currently not interested in bug reports on crashes that happen only once and are not reproducible. Please include the following information in the bug report:

  • A link to the crash-stats crash report
  • Exact steps you took to reproduce the crash.
  • Information on the graphics card and graphics driver version from about:support
  • The general speed of the computer in question; we expect that some of the crashes we are tracking only occur on very slow or very fast hardware

For the time being, please *do not* add comments to existing bugs; I will personally be responsible for marking duplicates when appropriate. It is very likely that some of these crash signatures represent several different related bugs, and I don’t want to confuse the generic crash signature tracking bugs with specific fixable issues. Please do not cc anyone at until I have looked over the report and potentially marked duplicates or asked for additional information.

Thanks in advance for your help!