Priorities change, don’t they?


OK, so I have to eat some crow here.  I talked about some new features we had planned for the “end of May” in my last blog post.  And then the priorities changed.  Most of our dev team was pulled off MozTrap to work on another Mozilla project.  So the pace of development has slowed down quite a bit.  In the mean time, the Mozilla QA team has begun transitioning over from Litmus to MozTrap for testing and it’s been a great experience.  We are getting feature requests and questions that are helping to shape MozTrap.  Most of them are questions we answer with, “We have a story for that.  It’s on the roadmap.” and some of them are, “Oh, cool.  Great idea!”

So, our adjusted feature set for 1.1 sometime near the beginning of July will be a tad more modest, even if they did require a lot of solid work:

  1. Some minor bug fixes
  2. Automation Results API feature
  3. Open Web App support

Most of the features mentioned before will be slated for Q3, 2012.  So stay tuned.  🙂

Next I’ll talk a bit more about Mozilla QA transitioning to MozTrap and how we’re using it.