Get Involved in Testing Desktop Firefox!

Jason Smith

Hi Everyone,

The Desktop QA team is looking for your help in testing Desktop Firefox! We recently have created a getting involved page here to let you know how can you help test Desktop Firefox. We also have a list of tasks here that you can do immediately to help test Desktop Firefox.

What we really want to know is what you would like to do to help test Desktop Firefox. What are you interested in? Do you like doing bug triage? Do you like testing brand new features? Do you like writing test automation?

If your interested in helping out with something you see in our task list or getting involved page, then let us know! You could jump on IRC in the #qa channel and ping marcia, jsmith, juanb, ashughes, or tracy directly and tell us where you would like to help out. Or you could email any of us directly at,,,, or

We hope to hear back from you on how you can help make Desktop Firefox better!

Jason Smith