More Socorro hotness that’s hot off the press!


So one may ask… what am I looking at here?  It’s just Socorro stuff right?  Oh … it’s hotness.  This is a picture of a URL listing of a particular crash.  All URLs listed in a particular crash if you are logged in.  What does this mean?  It means that I can just paste in the URLs from this tab without having to go through each and every signature to look for the URL and put it in a bug….  You can’t imagine how much time it saves me to have this as a tool… granted I would have done this through command line of sshing and some other stuff to look at the raw files… but now I don’t have to.  In case you’re wondering, it’s bug 550538 – Provide easily-accessible list of URLs-for-signature to logged-in users

Another hotness is this :  Java crash signatures w/ address location should be pooled together as one crash signature… bug 726385 – replace 8 digit hex addresses with a placeholder within Java signatures.  It’s helpful to have it all in one signature.  It seems we need a little more work to combine some more signatures that are related and split apart the signatures that aren’t related; We are definitely getting there.

If it wasn’t for socorro we wouldn’t look like this for fennec beta 2:

That’s right!  Beta 2 is the bottom line for crashes per 100 ADU.  And we’re hoping that beta 3 will be even better!  So kudos to the Socorro team, though it may not be exactly perfect, it’s one of the best tools out there to help fight crashiness!

Without Socorro’s presence it would be hard to determine what crashes are most important.  With more people using fennec on a daily basis (Active Daily Users), and hitting crashes; we can see the sheer volume of crashes.  This helps raise the priority of which crashes should get the most attention first, and which ones we might be able to put off until we have the resources to fix it.  So please!  Make sure you update fennec version (whether it be nightly, aurora, beta, or release) to the latest and use it every day!

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