Mobile Web Compatibility Testing – We Need Your Help!

Jason Smith

Hi Firefox Mobile Testers,

We need help testing top sites on firefox mobile to capture site compatibility problems. This testing involves visiting a select list of top sites and providing feedback on whether a site renders correctly (CSS & layout) and whether it functions correctly. Why is this important? See this post for more information on why this testing is important to do.

Here are the steps to test:

  1. Install a nightly build on your Android device
  2. Launch Firefox Mobile and go to this URL
  3. Click on the URL that is shown to open the site in a new tab and try it out
  4. Go back to the original tab and provide your feedback
  5. File bugs in the fennec native evangelism component on site compatibility problems

For step 3, trying it out means looking for things such as:

  • If I went to site on firefox mobile and the android stock browser, are they the same? Does firefox mobile perform at the same level of quality or better than the android stock browser? Why or Why not?
  • Looking at the layout of the site, does anything not look right to you? For example, does the layout of the buttons make sense? Does the color make sense? Do pop-ups come up correctly? Do videos play?

On step 3, if you land on a site that you don’t understand, then you can select skip to get a different website to test.

Don’t know how to file a bug in step 5? To get started, create an account on bugzilla  here. Then, select file a bug. Select Fennec Native. Then, in the component field, select Evangelism. In the version field, select Firefox 15. In the Hardware field, select ARM. In the OS field, select Android. Then, provide a short summary of the problem in the summary field. In the description, provide reproducible steps, the expected results, the actual results, and any additional notes with noting. If you have any screenshots of the problem, then attach them to the bug.

We would greatly appreciate your help doing the testing task above! If you have any questions, then send an email to Jason Smith and Aaron Train with your questions.