MozTrap 1.1 is under way


William Lachance from the A-Team here at Mozilla is credited with creating this Meme poster for us.  I thought it was hilarious.  🙂

And on we go with the 1.1 version of MozTrap.  We have enough features on our wishlist to take us for a couple more years.  And it seems like the list keeps growing the more we get great feedback.

For now, here is the short-range list of features we’re working on for 1.1:

  1. REST API for external tools to submit results:  This comes in 2 parts.  The first is the REST APIs we are creating, the second is a python connector to make it easy to interact with that API.  The intention is that your automation tool can run tests and submit them as “Automation Bot 3″ (or whatever name you choose) and have those results reflected in MozTrap
  2. Tags on Test Runs: It occurs to us that often times you might like to organize test runs for several “Products” and monitor their progress as a unit.  By tagging test runs, you can filter down to just the runs you’re concerned with and get a clear picture on your status.
  3. Test Case ordering within Suites: At the moment, the order that tests show up when running isn’t set in stone.  We realize that often times it’s much easier to execute tests in a particular order.
  4. Global Product Filtering: Often times, you are a user that is concerned with just one Product that your company offers.  By being able to set a filter to only show you that product, you don’t have to keep filtering through cases, suites and runs for other products.
  5. Sticky Filtering: when you set up some filters on, say, the test cases management list, then edit one of the tests, and come back to the list, your filters are gone.  Most often, a user would like those filters to persist.  We’re working on it.
  6. Bulk edit for tags and status: doing these one by one works, but sometimes doing it in bulk is just lots easier.

That’s our list for the immediate future.  We are hoping to get these changes out by the end of May.  So keep your eyes open!

-Cam – MozTrap Project Manager – Mozilla