Call for Help – Testing Firefox on your Android Device

Aaron Train

As part of Mozilla Mobile QA's release criteria for continually testing
Firefox on Android, we want to again extend our efforts in leveraging
the community for assistance in areas of device.

We want you to test and provide feedback in regards to how Firefox
operates on your Android device.

A problematic challenge we face is the ability to truly test and qualify
the ever increasing and vast assortment of Android based devices (phone,
tablet and soon to be more) out there in the wild; the nature of which
the carriers and combination of an open platform presents us with. With
so many devices available, it is difficult to to ultimately attest and
standby the truth in acknowledging if a device will be truly compatible
with Firefox or not based on a range of criteria. Compatibility on each
device can also very well be a subjective opinion based on overall
experience, fulfillment and value. As each device has different hardware
and different processes and configurations, it is challenging to produce
an appropriate label and or level of compatibility for a device. This is
where we want your help.

To gather information from community based testing, we have created a
simple survey that can assist in defining and painting the overall
picture of a device at hand. We currently have a backlog of untested
devices that we not have access to, and we could use your help in

How to Help

  • First, we would like for you to download the new Firefox on Android
    (currently on the Nightly channel) available here and install it
    onto your Android device

  • Create a Bugzilla account in our bug tracker so that you can file
    bugs you find against Firefox on Android in Bugzilla. Reminder,
    effective bug reports are likely to be fixed. There are excellent
    bug writing guidelines for your pleasure to read here. Detail
    the issues you find to significantly increase the chances that a
    developer can act on the bug thus increasing the likelihood of
    positive resolution — provide in-browser Android screenshots,
    website URL, browser build information, and steps to reproduce the

Join and chat with us on IRC on the server in the rooms
#mobile and #qa to talk with Mobile QA and mobile developers.

A few minutes of your time in completing the survey will be largely
valuable, and you will be contributing towards the testing efforts of