What I have wri…


What I have written in this journal has already been documented 2 years prior by myself before in various forms, and most of the concepts has come from studying my original mentor, Masao Aoto; who I still deem the best QA person I have ever met and having read various resources, such as this book, having had a QA class at UCSC extension, having been to a QA conference, having read some articles about session based testing, and speaking to other QA and Dev people over various companies.   In the years that I have worked in various companies, what I’ve stated holds true that I have noted. 

You can get by making software without doing any of the things that I’ve mentioned.  No documentation, doing automation testing mostly, etc.  Most companies do without one or more of the things I mentioned.  What I suggest is mere change, based on what was asked of me before.

“How would I make things better?” 

This is based on the data and how I improved in finding bugs throughout the years in various products and what helped me find various bugs quickly.  Take it or leave it, it’s not my choice in how people run their companies. 


On a side note, I find my talent of finding bugs a curse.


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