Web Apps Sikuli / Python testing getting off of the ground

David Clarke

Just thought I’d spend a few minutes and blog about the Web Apps Sikuli Project.

What we have gotten done so far

  • Basic set of tests working in Windows / Mac
  • A working documentation set
  • We have a few people contributing so far

I would like to say thank you to a few people for their support so far:

  • Mohamed Dabbagah our intern from last semester, who has been pitching in whenever he can
  • BYK – https://github.com/BYK – Thanks for the python tips!!

Please remember to not forget to note the Sikuli Test Day will be January 20th 2012

If you have spare cycles, and are interested in the project, check us out on github

Pick up an issue, try to solve, ask questions, contact me.. whichever suites your fancy.


-David Clarke

twitter: onecyrenus