Vision Based Testing – An Experimentation / Learning Experience — Time To Test Web Apps Jan 20th, 2012

David Clarke

I have recently been experimenting with a vision based testing framework Sikuli (, and wanted to share some of my findings / expertise with the community.

As with any new tool there are ups and downs, installation difficulties, learning curve..etc.. The hope with this test day is that you can walk away with expertise / know how , how you can roll your own vision based testing framework, and solve your own problems either in your day to day computing, student, or professional lives.

My belief is that some of this technology has the possibility to be transformational, and there is a huge capability here to make automation simple, or at least simpler :) .

This Test Day is for you if you are interested in any of the following.

Connect to the mozilla community. Become a Mozillian, and shape the future of the web!
Learn about Web Applications !
Learn a new Test Automation Strategy that is current, and applicable !

To learn more about this test day please and how you can contribute just read:

If you are new to test days, please read our FAQ :)

-David Clarke