One of the best developers I have worked with…


Christopher Crim is one of the best developers that I have worked with.  He took the time out to explain things to people while he developed, and not only did he do that he would also test the features that he would work with.  Even the best QA on the team (that was not me), had a hard time looking for bugs in his features because Christopher had thoroughly tested his features before hand off.  He had unit tests and such.  I don’t think I ever recall seeing a regression from any of his features.

Even his spec was well documented enough to where testing the possible problem areas were easy to figure out.  He is someone that I admired in terms of programming.


I’ve always thought that being in QA first would make me a better developer.  To be able to understand testing and having gone through school for coding.  But maybe it’s more along the lines of practicing coding that makes a better coder.  What do you all think?

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