Mobile Newsletter – Week of Jan 12nd 2012


Hello, Firefox Mobile testers!

Our goal is to provide you with mobile news and guidance towards how and where you as a tester can help out!  Thanks for helping out; your input is greatly appreciated!
What’s New in Fennec Native UI this week?
  • crashing from rotation is mostly fixed, there are still some crashiness to be investigated
  • page size flickering no longer happens
  • tab restore (Bug 703450/Bug 697858)
  • stabilization concentration
  • Please see the testing areas, tips and tricks in how you can help!
What’s Coming up in Fennec:
  • “Show character encoding” (Text encoding) preference
  • Sync Support
  • Jan 16 2012: String Freeze
  • Jan 16 2012: First Run Walk-Through
  • Jan 30 2012: Beta Declare
  • Feb 27 2012: Public Announcement at Mobile World Congress
  • March 30 2012: Final Release
How to download the latest Fennec Native UI build:
  • Enable ‘Unknown sources’ in Settings | Application Settings on your Android device
  • Go to:
  • Click and download the Android installer under the mobile section
Testing Areas, Tips and Tricks:
  • Please test on various devices that can run Fennec Native
  • Head to your favorite sites and file bugs on sites that do not work or don’t meet your expectations
  • Play with the bookmarking and recent visits as well as the session history (forward/backwards navigation)
  • Download the Zippity Addon: and go to about:testharness to perform various tests
  • Explore away with testing these features
  • Nightly builds now support Flash (on Android 2.3 and Android 2.2)
  • Note: you will need to download and have installed the latest version of the Flash Player from the Android Market
We want to hear from you!
Til next time,
The Mobile QA Team