Japanese Work Ethic…


This kinda helps understand the Japanese Work culture some:


There’s some other things that are left out.  Some about the companies used to treat you like family which has changed, other parts about saving face, and various other cultural differences.

I think I’m am some where in between American and Japanese… Some parts too Japanese for some Americans and some too American for Japanese…

In any case, I think for any worker to feel engaged and feel good about their job, they have to have a sense of feeling appreciated.  You can be proactive in this!  http://www.coachdanfoster.com/2011/10/what-to-do-when-you-feel-unappreciated-at-work/

Personally I believe that being proactive helps cut down on the feeling of firefighting.  Start weeding out stuff in the beginning has a better chance of working than trying to firefight at the end.  That’s why I like looking at designs; code and ui both.  You can start pinpointing spots of concerns from there.

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