Back in my days…


Once I was working with a developer, and he told me something interesting.  I told him that in some of the cases of various bugs, developers would ask for more info and push back on a back.  In some of those cases, it may be that we can’t provide them more info because we don’t have enough tools to get that info.  He replied to me, “developers fix bugs as well as make them.  if they push back for more info and you can’t provide it to them, isn’t it fair to ask them back for some sort of tooling such as more output to logs, etc. so that the information can be obtained?  Isn’t it also fair enough to ask them what information is needed to resolve the issue?”

I don’t recall the developer complaining about a QA person being not technical enough.  He was kind enough to show me various things so that I can get the information for him.  I asked him questions and I was able to find more critical bugs because he was willing to share the information.

What do you think?  Do you think that it would change with open source?  If so how so?  Would more contributors have more engagement if this type of thing occurred more often?

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