Azure Windows Vista and Windows 7 Testers needed!


This was announced at today’s Platform Meeting – if you run Windows 7 or Vista please consider helping in the testing effort by running the nightly builds and setting the boolean pref in about:config.

The Azure-Thebes wrapper has landed in mozilla-central, preffed off.

  • This is the work required to get us using the new 2D API developed as part of the Azure project without changing our Thebes-using code.
  • This will get us more performance and flexibility in the long run.
  • Right now, it’s only on Windows Vista and 7, though that is going to change over the next few weeks.
  • We need testers!
    • If you’re using Windows Vista or 7 with hardware acceleration, create and set the boolean pref to true, and start reporting bugs!
    • Make sure to restart Firefox after you change the boolean pref.
    • Report Bugs in the Core | Graphics area in Bugzilla.
    • This link has a good description of what to look for as well when testing as well as existing bugs.