Zippity – and automated performance tests for Firefox Mobile


Many have wondered how we get the device coverage with our automated Performance tests.  Here’s one way:

What you see running here are the Zippity tests (a plug in available for Firefox mobile ), running the pageload tests on a number of different devices.  I also have logcat attached and running, to catch any possible crashes.

Pageload tests load a series of predefined webpages, to gauge pageload speed.  There are also Startup tests (which start the application several times to measure startup speed); as well as SunSpider and V8 tests.   Lastly, you can ping your memory metrics to Zippity.  

Having the crowd available to help run these tests (just install the plug in), helps us get the device coverage up and ensures we find things like native crashes, hopefully sooner, rather than later.

Kudos to Mark Finkle for this great tool.