Two Things


I wanted to give a reminder to all Mozilla Triagers that I have two active surveys about Mozilla Triage. The first is about general Triage Demographics and suggestions, and the second is specific to communication. If you haven’t taken these surveys, it would be a great service to me if you would take a few minutes and fill them both out. They are 100% anonymous and the responses I have received so far have been very helpful. If you have taken on and not the other, both are equally important. Thank you to all who have responded already!

Second, Justin Dolske blogged yesterday about an AWESOME experiment. As many of you will know, I have suggested using a separate product or component to filter through Untriaged bugs. It appears that idea is coming to fruition. I suggest you read Justin’s blog to get the whole scoop. Thank you Justin, Glob and everyone else for trying to make Triager’s work easier!