QA Community Engagement Survey

Anthony Hughes

Good day QA Community.

I’m writing here today with a call-to-action. We need your feedback about the existing environment in terms of contributing to the Mozilla Project and being a part of the QA community. This is an opportunity for you, the community, to talk to us about contributing to Mozilla.

Who is this survey for?

  • If you have made a contribution to Mozilla QA anytime in the last few years
  • If you have participated in a QA hosted event or activity
  • If you tried to participate but weren’t sure how to contribute
  • If you’ve participated but aren’t sure if it qualifies as a “contribution”

We will be running this survey through the new year. Please take a few minutes over the next couple of weeks to share your knowledge. Whatever we learn will not only benefit you, it will benefit future community members.

Thank you.

Here is the survey.