I had the wierdest dream last night…


I had a dream where I was some how in boot camp for the army. During the whole thing, there were certain hazing that the sergeant would do. There was one person that I had known since 6th grade that was there that ended up disrespecting the rules that the sergeant had made at least three times. The third time, was that the rule was not to wear a hat. We were all told to take our hats and hand them in. But in the third time, my friend was being publicly punished by everyone on the team. Everyone had to clap and do a sing-a-long that basically called him various names. It was in a letter of instructions. I was singing but with tears and was not clapping. The sergeant came up to me and asked me why I wasn’t clapping. I told him that I had some loyalties to my friend and thought that this wasn’t the right thing to do so I wasn’t clapping. The sergeant was pissed off but said nothing, he ended up talking to someone and soon another officer ended up handing me a brochure of dismissal.

I ended up speaking with the officer, who stated that it seemed wrong that I had immediately been dismissed even though I had done nothing wrong thus far. In fact during one of the times, I had quickly complied. I had explained to the officer, that I could understand the sergeant’s position and that though he may have seemed like an asshole, in order to maintain the rule sets of how things are there, he could not have various ranks of dissension. If I had not been dismissed, I would have tried to leave voluntarily, because it was against what I believe in. I never had that happened to me even metaphorically, so I’m not sure why this dream came about.

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