HTML5 Web Apps Test Day Dec 2nd, 2011

David Clarke

HTML5 Web Applications are coming to a browser near you. This past friday(12/02) we had a great test day at Mozilla focusing on testing web applications.

We had a great day of testing & finding bugs & engaging all of the core teams from UX –> Product –> Dev –> QA.

We got everyone involved, testing web apps and having fun.

Here are some stats from the day:

• 32 filed / modified bugs across multiple products
• 18 Commits
• 4 Commits to Soup
• At times over 60 people in #testday
• 6-7 Contributors from Indonesia showed up at midnight PST

Operationally we were able to accomplish the following:

• We tested across multiple revisions of the extension / soup app
• We continuously pushed changes to myapps.mozillalabs
• We fixed / verified bugs across Windows / Linux / Mac OS X

Another component to the test day was to gather usability feedback from our UX team. And we were able to directly gather that information, and feed it back to our development team. So look for some usability improvements to come!

If you are interested in testing web apps I would recommend signing up to this blog for updates on the next test day, as well as following @MozillaQA on twitter.

Through the testday ether pad linked below you can still grab development builds and continue testing && submitting feedback. New builds are pushed out as soon as they are available!