Results of Add-on Manager Testday


Many thanks to everyone involved in Friday’s Add-on Manager Testday!

Of all the activities listed, triaging unconfirmed bugs was the most popular. Thanks to community help, we managed to triage about half of the bugs initially set to unconfirmed and several others received comments. We also had a smaller share of exploratory testing around the new Add-on feature for Firefox 10 and fixed bugs verification.

Here’s a list with all those involved  in the Add-on Manager testday, moderators and active testers: vladmaniac, Aleksej, darktrojan, chaos, jsj0908, alex_mayorga, gaby2300, ioanachiorean, VladG, Virgil, Mihaela, Simona, Alexlakatos, Pauly, ashughes, aaronmt, Tracy, stephend, juanb, mdabbagh.

More details about Friday’s activities can be found in the Test Plan.

Thank you for making the web a better place!