Mobile Newsletter – Week of November 25th 2011


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This Week’s Headlines!

  • Reintroduced ‘Quit’ located in the menu
  • Nightly builds now support Flash (on Android 2.3 and Android 2.2)
    • Note: you will need to download and have installed the latest version of the Flash Player from the Android Market
  • Features to look at now:

What’s New in Fennec Native UI this week?

  • Draft of addons manager
  • Panning and Zooming Improvement Updates
  • Reintroduced ‘Quit’ located in the menu
  • Draft of scrollbar indicators

In Other News:

What’s coming soon to Fennec on Android?

  • Further enhancements to panning and zooming experience (gestures included)
  • Double tap Zoom
  • Improved Add-ons Manager
  • On-going performance improvements
  • Improved home screen
  • And more!

How to download the latest Fennec Native UI build:

  • Enable ‘Unknown sources’ in Settings | Application Settings on your Android device
  • Go to:
  • Click and download the Android installer under the mobile section

Testing Areas, Tips and Tricks:

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