Firefox Nightly users on Android will be updated to Native UI on Tuesday (2011-11-22)

Aaron Train

Hello Mozillians,

On Tuesday (2011-11-22), Mozilla is planning to switch our Firefox Nightly for Android users from XUL to the Native UI. This means mobile Android users on the Nightly channel will get an update offer on Wednesday (2011-11-23) containing the Native UI (built from the code in the birch repository). We do not intend to update Honeycomb users to Native UI, as there is no Android tablet support yet.

Note: There will be a final checkpoint meeting on Monday (2011-11-21) to make sure we are at the quality level our Nightly users expect. Unless the meeting says otherwise, the plan of record is to make this change for Tuesday night’s automatic update.

If you come across bugs found in this new version of Firefox, please file in new “Fennec Native” Bugzilla component. Firefox Aurora/Beta for Android users and those on our released product on the Android Market will still be running XUL and should continue to file bugs in the “Fennec” Bugzilla component.

Going forward, daily Native UI updates will be offered to Firefox Nightly for Android.

Last note, if you are interested in helping us test this new mobile initiative; please download the latest Nightly release of the NativeUI, and hop on IRC to submit feedback and talk to the mobile developers and QA.

Mozilla Mobile QA