So I have been busy…


Trying to clean up portions of my life. I quit smoking and I quit drinking this year. I quit drinking mainly because I have depression. I changed my diet as well, I used to eat crappy frozen food then switched to safeway’s meal in a box stuff… until I realized how much high fructose corn syrup was in those products. Since then, I started reading the labels, and opted for tofu, salads, fruits, certain cereals without the corn syrup, chicken and fish. Of course, when I eat out with people or if I go to two of my favorite spots I can’t say that I stick to those diets. Sushi Tei and the Pho Garden are two of my favorite spots to eat for lunch, but I only go to them once a week. Sushi Tei reminds me of my mom’s cooking. Pho reminds me of some of my good vietnamese friends in Maryland and (one in south california). I suppose it’s weird to associate food with the people that I care about, but I’ll take what I can get.

There’s still a lot of other portions that I have to clean up since my depression. I’m slowly working on those. My depression is something that I’ve been strongly working on, I am being medicated for it, and I have counseling every thursday. I have to miss out on 2 hrs of work or so then, but I worked it out with my boss to schedule myself to work the 2 hours at some point during the week, if not come home and finish the two hours off.
[addendum: my counselor is going on a vacation to Europe for 2 weeks, and I will be going to Toronto for the 3rd week, so I won’t be in session for most of Oct.]

I do spend time with some friends that I made here in Cali on the weekends, watching Dr. Who or playing D&D. Sometimes I play video games.

Ya, I’m your nontypical Japanese American nerd.

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