Mobile Newsletter #2 : Week of Oct 3, 2011


Hey Firefox Mobile for Android testers,

Welcome to those new that have joined the newsgroup.  This is a biweekly newsletter to those that are testing Firefox Mobile in any release channel. Our goal is to provide you with general mobile related news and guidance towards how and where you, as a tester can help out!  This newsletter will highlight general news and and status information about the Aurora Channel.
  • How to download the latest aurora:
  • download:
  • open the file that was downloaded
What’s New in Aurora
  •  Even faster start-up!
  •  New user interface for tablets!  This is hotness! Check it out!
  •  Support for Open Web Apps
Testing Areas:
  • Virtual  Keyboards (aka SKB, VKB, Soft Keyboards) : could always use some help  in terms of testing.  With your favorite keyboard type in web pages,  please help with the testing.
  • Website  Compatibility : social sites like google plus, facebook; banking sites ;  blogs, rss feeds, meme pages like reddit to give an example of some of  the sites that we would love for you to use as an end user.  Please use your favorite sites!
  • Content copy/paste to clipboard could use more testing
  • Please report any websites/STRs for checkerboarding issues
General News:
  • If  you do crash, please go to about:crashes and check to see if your crash  was listed. If your crash was listed, please click on the link to  verify that the crash was sent to Socorro.
Thanks so much for reading and testing!
Til next time,
The Mobile QA Team