GTAC 2011: My Takeaways Part I

David Clarke

How to hit a moving target ?
Translation Service for Microsoft
37 languages
Log Aggregation Service
Monitor solution
-Logs / Trace / Statistics
– Data Available for Querying
– Challenges Personally identifiable info

Generate 1000′s of tests

Lots of arrows – Lots of tests
precisely hit bulls eye – degree of closeness
cost of missing – special tests
how does it move – monitoring
unexpected movement – spike
Precision + Accuracy – Non- determinism

– Understanding your production environment, structuring your tests / test environments are key concepts in any test plan. Just testing positive scenarios, or black box testing is not enough.

Testing Cloud Failover
– Walk over failure paths
– Multi-cloud approach

– This is ignored in many cloud startups, but is crucial if you want to run a cloud. Companies too often start at the product, and work their way down only to realize several outages later that their core switching network doesn’t allow for failover, or their db schema doesn’t lend itself to be sharded.

ABFT in the Cloud
Automated Basic Functionality Tests
What is in the cloud ? Shipping platforms
Visual Test – uI Workflow testing ( similar to visual basic)
14 hr regression run
1 + 1/2 GB of data from each run

– If you store it, you better figure out a way to expire the data or at least decrease data points over time, similar to rrd logs