BrowserID Test Day


Mozilla QA thanks all of you who participated in last Friday’s BrowerID Test Day.
We had quite a few people show up to lend a hand, try out BrowserID for the first time, and file some new issues for the Development team to tackle this week.
Many thanks go out to the Moderators: Alex, Vlad, Andreid, Ioana B., Teodosia, Ioana C., Tony, Aaron, Anthony, and Naoki.
Thanks also to lloyd, from Dev, who hung out for most of the afternoon to answer the really tough questions.
Also, we received very good feedback from several attendees, but we wanted to give an extra “high-five” and thanks to the following: Aleksej, paulbooker, Richard, mdabbagh, jmathai, and mib_q7yol2.

You can find more details on the EtherPad: BrowserID Test Day Test Plan

Thanks to all of you for making the web a better place!!