Results of the QA-Wanted Testday

Anthony Hughes

Last Friday we had a testday where we had the community go through a query of 120+ UNCONFIRMED bugs which were requesting QA-WANTED. These are bugs which typically need steps to reproduce, a minimized testcase, or a regression window.

Thanks to our community we were able to triage 41 bugs:

  • 11 NEW
  • 11 contributors

Thanks to everyone who helped with the triage. Thanks to everyone who helped drive the testing and answered questions of the contributors.  A special thanks to Aleksej and Gaby for triaging the lion’s share of the bugs.

If you came to our testday and you have a few minutes, please take some time to fill out this short survey. We would like to learn more about how people find out about our events, what they get from attending these events, and how we can improve them.