Random blurb


Change is hard. A new hire, whether it be a manager or non manager, will in some fashion bring change. Whether it be big or small, it will affect how people will work when a new person is brought on board.

For example, I do believe in exploratory testing and more over session based testing. I am an advocate of the effective use of blackbox testing. Some organizations rely heavily on automation, and in this aspect it brings out a though of change and some times fear. Perhaps the fear is “I don’t think I can do that” or “That means a lot more work for me” or maybe it’s even “does this mess up my grove of what I’m doing?”

I can tell you that :
a) you can do it and you can find bugs; it will take time to retrain your brain and retrain yourself to do it.
b) there is a place for all sorts of testing as exploratory testing cannot cover everything [ I can go over that explanation in a later blog]
c) if you work hard, you have no worries; I believe that good management will always try to find how you can best fit in a group to work effectively for the company. ( To me, this means that they will see where your strengths are and where you shine and place you in the best position with what they need and what fits you. Good management always tries to find a win-win situation ). It may mean a little more work, or it may not, I have no idea what your work load is.
d) I can’t promise that it won’t mess up your groove, because I have no idea what your groove is. What can I say? I’m a realist. Not an optimist nor pestimist. When someone asks “Is a cup half empty or half full?” I say “It’s half way.” Or at least I’d like to think I’m a realist.