Open Web Apps And the Community

David Clarke


Looking to have some involvement / help.  I actually have quite a few problems to solve, and would be helpful to start some good conversations about web applications, and the implications that will arise out of the refocused web.

From the techy perspective:

We are working on some cool test frameworks that will change the way testing is done for javascript.  Continuous deployment is not just a word it is something we are passionate about. Access to selenium2, selenium2 grid experts. An understanding of how web applications are going to change / morph in the next few years. !!! A great opportunity to learn the latest BDD testing techniques.. !

From the non-techy perspective:

You don’t know what a web application is, but you do know you want to help! Great you can expect to get access to the latest web applications, before they ever hit our production servers.  Wow your friends with how savvy you have become.  Or just lend a helping hand because you believe in the mozilla mission.


If you are interested in learning more about the cool things we are doing Apps QA send me an e-mail / meet me on mozilla’s irc #automation, #openwebapps.


Hope to meet some new folks as well as share and learn.