Mobile News Update


Some new and exciting events have happened in the mobile world at Mozilla!

General News:
  • If you do crash, please go to about:crashes and check to see if your crash was listed. If your crash was listed, please click on the link to verify that the crash was sent to Socorro.
  • Bug 459117 is meta bug to help try to make Firefox for Android faster; this includes things such as panning, content refreshing, and making the startup time faster.  There has been advances in shrinking the startup time on the Sept 16th nightly build.
  • How to download the beta : Go to the Android Market either via the website or through your Android device (phone or tablet), search for Firefox Beta, and install away!  If you already have the beta installed, please make sure you have it updated.
Testing Areas:
  • Virtual  Keyboards (aka SKB, VKB, Soft Keyboards) : could always use some help  in terms of testing.  With your favorite keyboard type and web pages,  please help with the testing.
  • Website  Compatibility : social sites like google plus, facebook; banking sites ;  blogs, rss feeds, meme pages like reddit to give an example of some of  the sites that we would love for you to use as an end user.  Please use your favorite sites!
  • Content copy/paste to clipboard could use more testing