Change of Pace


Time is such a hard thing to manage. Basically, I am running into a breadth versus width issue. More over my role is changing at Mozilla some.
The main areas that I am concentrating on now are:
* Crashing (CrashKill)
* Memory Issues (Memshrink)
* Performance/Responsiveness ( Performance issues )
– Exploratory testing on the side
* Advocating via Newsletter for Mobile Testing

For the mobile world, these are the more critical areas IMO because of the low memory, cpu, battery operations, etc are much more critical on these devices than your average computer.

I’ve also made the mistake of adding myself to all sorts of things in terms of notifications from Bugzilla. I ended up figure out that I can’t read 1,000 + emails a day even skimming without losing track of what’s going on. I ended up doing a follow on some major components like core and fennec in a different email account, and limiting myself to just fennec and pancake in my main email. I would like to understand the architecture better for fennec.

So ya, my daily responsibilities have changed from the time I have started. Somethings I did have to drop because I don’t have the time to do, esp with some of the meetings that I have to attend to understand how some things work around here.

Oh ya, I also work on pancake. They are yummy. esp at the Original Pancake House.