QA team weekly highlights


In the spirit of keeping everyone up to date on our weekly work, here is a roll up of some of the team highlights from this week:


  • Fx.Next
    • Desktop Fx Team Page: Updated
    • Fx6 Beta3 Builds: Go for builds expected today.
    • 10.7 is Out: Notice any problems? [10.7]
    • QA will be using Status Whiteboard entries to track bugs for individual features
    • Some of the bugs found by the Waverley team don’t get traction. Why? How can we give them traction?
  • Crash Investigation
  • Maintenance and Security (Al)
    • Firefox 3.6.20
      • Fixes are going in right now. Waiting on at least 20 bugs.
      • Schedule is simul-ship with Firefox 6:
        • Code freeze for non-blockers: 2011-07-25
        • Code freeze for blockers: 2011-08-01
        • Build #1 created: 2011-08-02
        • Build #1 available: 2011-08-02
        • QA testing starts: 2011-08-03
        • Build #1 released to the beta channel: 2011-08-09
        • Final release: 2011-08-16

Browser Technologies:

  • Mobile and Services team work week planning: Lots of planning
    around automation, community, vision casting, and better process control.
  • No Services client or server train deployment testing this week, due to Workweek
  • Firefox 6 Mobile beta 3 code in testing, to be deployed next week – Services QA team is working with Ops to build out and test a staging/load test environment for load and functional tests
  • BrowserID blog post announced in the wild. QA begins a weekly train testing cycle next week


This week, WebQA shipped the following project milestones:

QA Automation

  • General
    • Final Goals for Q3 2011
    • Automation Services Workweek in Cambridge, from July 25th – July 29th
  • Mozmill
  • Selenium
    • Selenium 2.1 has been released this week
    • has Selenium tests now

Project updates

API Refactoring
  • Window wrapper overhaul landed
  • Working on in-content window handling
  • Working on tabbed browsing module
Mozmill Tests for the Discovery Pane of the Addons Manager (ashughes)
Endurance Tests
  • No updates
On Demand Updates
  • New requirement: external groups (like Softvision) can use.
  • Modifying options slightly to reduce chance an external group mistakenly kicks off our tests
Case Conductor
  • .4 features released
    • Hierarchical Finder implemented in all 3 areas
    • Text entry for advanced filtering
    • First part of Environment management
    • Phase 1 of Batch mode test case entry (Test that… when… format) implemented
  • Feedback gathering continuing
    • Will be doing interviews with willing participants
  • Automation connector design started


  • Upcoming Testdays
    • Sync Test Day set for July 29th. Tracy Walker running the Test Day.
    • Marcia, Matt and Juan met with Joe Drew today re: defining Graphics Bug Day event in the near future
  • Upcoming Conferences
    • Mozilla Festival 2011
      • QA will have a “Contribute to Mozilla” station at this event in London
    • MozCamp 2011 in Berlin
      • Has been announced but no other details. It will likely be the weekend before or after the Mozilla Festival according to William Quiviger
  • Video Work
    • Marcia and Juan met with David Boswell re: get involved with testing Nightly builds video
  • (Al):
    • Tubepress and other plugin updates going live on Thursday.
    • Buddypress plugin work is probably live next Thursday, July 27.
    • QMO has moved from local SVN to Github.
    • Beginning work on QMO 4.5.
      • If you want to see something in QMO 4.5 in the next quarter or so, you’d better talk to me now.