Notes from the QA community team meeting – 20110713


Going forward we will be publishing the notes from the bi-weekly QA team meetings.  Here is the distilled version of what we discussed at today’s QA Community team meeting:

The first discussion centered around the top level community goals for Q3. We developed the following set of goals:

  • Develop some kind of infrastructure to allow community to more easily test Sync
  • Broaden our reach and experiment with “NEW” participation opportunities (Drumbeat and MozCamp)
  • Improve QMO Content to aid the Community in getting starting in testing efforts

The first goal around Sync testing was to focus on making it easier for the community to help in the test effort by adding a testing infrastructure where they could access a front end server.  The second goals centers around having more “live” contact with community where can introduce them to opportunities to get involved and then work with them in person to help them get started. The third goal was set to work to improve some of the QMO content workflow to make it more useful for people coming to the site who want to get started with a testing path.

If you have feedback concerning any of the above goals, please add your comments to the etherpad.

In the event realm we discussed having a meetup during the week of GTAC and registering as a team for the event.

Test days are progressing well, but there was some discussion about the best times for particular test days. It turns out that the best time for Beta test day is one week after the merge, while the best time for an Aurora test day is 4 weeks after the merge. Anthony was tasked with creating a public page that will allow community to suggest topics for future testdays.

QMO was discussed, and it was decided that is not really needed, so that team will be removed from the site to minimize confusion.

Additional notes and action items can be found in both the etherpad and the at the bottom of this week’s agenda.