Status Update 2011.24

Anthony Hughes

The following is a summary of my contributions to the Mozilla project for the week ending Sunday June 12th, 2011.


  • 28 Litmus results vetted (Audio/Video, Geolocation, Security, and Session Store)
  • 13 Bugs triaged (Audio/Video, Geolocation, Security, and Session Store)
  • Firefox 5.0b5 released to beta testers

Resolved Bugs

  • bug 624686 – Intermittent failure in Mozmill::Functional::testCheckItemHighlight

What’s Next

  • Firefox 3.6.18
  • Begin landing Mozmill tests for Add-ons Manager Discovery Pane
  • Land sample Flash videos for Mozmill Endurance testing
  • Continue to fine-tune our community documentation

Time Breakdown