Results of the June 24th Mobile Firefox Test Day

Stephanie Daugherty

Last Friday, we held a Mobile Firefox testday to focus on new features recently added to nightly builds.

In addition to the tests on touch events, language switcher and Firefox Sync, we managed to uncover quite a few other bugs, and triage a number of existing bugs. The channel was active throughout most of the day.

We worked with 29 bugs over the day, filing 20 and updating 9 others.

Thanks go to:

  • Kevin Brosnan for organizing a busy test day.
  • Tobias Markus for being creative and persistent in finding new bugs.
  • Naoki Hirata for filing the most bugs (11!)
  • Mobile developer Matt Brubeck for lending a hand.
  • AndreeaPod, Anna, AaronMT and xti for helping to moderate the event.
  • Everyone that participated for making it a successful testday.

We hope to see you all at our next testday!