Need Your Help: Ideas for a “Tell Us More” Service for


Hello Mozilla Community!

The Input team is looking to build out a service that allows our userbase to submit more in-depth feedback past the standard 140 character happy/sad and 250 character idea feedback that you know and love. Here are the requirements that have been gathered thus far:

Requirements Thus Far:
* No Max Character Limit
* A way for users who submitted feedback to be contacted
* Some form of validation (i.e. E-mail Address, Twitter Account, Facebook Account, etc.)
* Inclusion of about:support information into a submitted piece of feedback

To help, we’re looking for your feedback of ideas you’d like to see this new service do. Here are some questions that may spark your inspiration:

What do you feel would be a good addition to this list of requirements? What other pieces of feedback would you like to be able to give? What type of feedback is the development team looking to receive and triage through into discernible action items to improve Firefox and Firefox for Mobile?

Please comment within this blogpost or tweet to aakashhdesai. Thanks!