Join us for a testing talk with Lanette Creamer on June 14

Matt Brandt

Lanette Creamer

Mozilla will be hosting a talk by Lanette Creamer, aka, The Testy
on June 14 at 12:00pm which is open to the public and will be
streamed live on

Lanette will be speaking about testing for the user experience with
workflow testing:

Customers who are so delighted with a product or service that they
will tell others are a magnificent asset which every company wishes
to retain and attract. While we have many ways to test for code
stability, features, and functionality, there are not as many test
methodologies that explore reporting on the overall user experience.

Workflow testing is the practical approach that we have applied to
testing collaboratively for the user experience. Workflow testing
methodology scales from a use case all the way to testing across the
Adobe Creative Suite Master Collections. Having an efficient way to
holistically report the user experience is an effective way to
improve overall product quality. This is especially true in
multi-user scenarios which span many features, different
applications, and a myriad of operating systems.

In this talk we will share what happened at Adobe, how the same
methods used for encouraging collaboration at Adobe were recently
modified to work in an old fashioned IT department and also for
helping two adult cats adopted from a shelter to get along with a
very feisty and ancient resident cat.

Lanette likes testing even more than Diet Coke and cats. After working
for a decade at Adobe, including leading testing on the Creative Suites,
Lanette has jumped into consulting with both feet. She recently started
her own consulting firm, Spark Quality LLC. Throughout her testing
career, Lanette has been publicly evangelizing advancement in human test
ideas. Deeply passionate about collaboration, she believes it is a
powerful solution when facing complex technical challenges.

She has presented at PNSQC, Better Software/Agile Development Practices,
Writing About Testing 1, and STPCon in 2010. In 2011, she presented at
Writing About Testing 2, and looks forward to speaking at CAST in her
home city of Seattle. An active participant in the testing community,
Lanette has written technical papers, and articles for ST&QA Magazine,
and Tea Time for Testers.

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