Firefox Input – Now with a Dashboard for Mobile and the ability to share your feedback!


The Input team has released a new version of Input this past Monday and it’s quite awesome! The application now allows those on mobile devices the same search abilities as those on the desktop. Also, for those who send feedback via our desktop submission pages, you’ll be able to now share your messages to your Twitter followers! So, take a look!

What’s New

  • New Mobilized Dashboard – Thanks to Chris Howse and Matt Macpherson, we’ve got a dashboard for mobile devices that now offers the same functionality for search as the desktop version of our dashboard! You can search for specific terms and look at individual pieces of feedback as well as statistics related to the search. If you click on any of those pieces of feedback, you’ll also be able to translate that message using Google Translate and share that piece of feedback to your followers on Twitter!
  • Tweet your Feedback – After submitting your feedback, take a look at the thanks page! The first clickable link will allow you to share your feedback to your twitter followers as well as Firefox fans across the world!

This release wouldn’t be possible without the great work of Dave Dash, Chris Howse, Matt MacPherson, Frederic Wenzel, Matthew Brandt, Dave Hunt and Justin Dow! Finally, here’s a list of bugs fixed in this release.